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  • plateau_Osiprox020

    To detect ferrous or non ferrous objects, Schneider Electric carries an extensive line of inductive sensors for endless application opportunities. Inductive sensors are available in auto-adaptable or dedicated flush and non flush.

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    For the detection of insulating materials, capacitive proximity sensors are ideal for sensing non-metal objects or for level control of fluids and granular material. Adjustments can be used to zero out the presence of an object allowing the sensor to sense "through" a bulk material or liquid level.

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    Using sound to detect objects on a wide range of applications, Schneider Electric offers numerous ultrasonic sensors that are non-contact and durable for many environments. Ultrasonic sensors are unaffected by changing light conditions, colors, dust and splashing materials or liquids.

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    Schneider Electric offers photoelectric sensors in four basic sensing modes; thru-beam, polarized retroreflective, proximity diffuse and diffuse with background suppression. Multimode sensors are also available that can switch between these sensing modes by simple programming procedures.

  • Limit-Switches

    Schneider Electric pushes beyond the limits of performance and innovation with our electromechanical limit switch offering.

    A leading supplier of quality limit switches for over 60 years, Schneider Electric provides a variety of devices that are well known and used worldwide. With a broad range of options and accessories we provide virtually unlimited flexibility and an unmatched level of reliability meeting both domestic and international requirements with our comprehensive line of industrial, heavy-duty, compact, miniature, and application specific limit switches.

  • Fluid-Controls

    Schneider Electric pressure and level sensors are the right choice to solve both your simple and complex fluid control applications, with time proven performance, innovative compact construction simplifying installation, giving long service life, and long-term stability including solutions particularly suitable for even the most demanding applications and environments.